My Working Life


It all started when...

I was about six years old and my father printed notepaper with Suddaby Girls on the masthead and a board of directors composed of my classmates.  I was programmed to be involved with not for profits and writing from the beginning.

Growing up in Kitchener-Waterloo, in Ontario, Canada during the forties and fifties was a great time to live in a mid sized city.  I was on the new high school newspaper staff and later edited the high school yearbook - which gave me credentials to join the literary magazine at my college, Trinity at University of Toronto.  In the early sixties I thought I was special when I landed a high school teaching job right out of university. The truth was that anyone with a pulse could get a position with the number of post WW2 children coming on stream.  And of course I became the yearbook sponsor.

I loved teaching - and would have stayed with it but suddenly there were layoffs as the student population diminished and like many of my colleagues I became an arts administrator - where the expectation was that I edit a quarterly newsletter, teach the membership how to fund raise, tour with a youth choir, produce an annual conference, run workshops and support the board of directors.  After eight years I moved on in the 90's to work with a firm that planned arts and cultural centres.  In the middle of that I became a software vendor and business trainer as well.

The song, "I know a little bit about a lot of things"is my theme song.  There is always more to learn and I have no intention of stopping now. What has been a recent revelation is seeing Journey of the Universe, a film which confirms our place as tiny subjects, nevertheless with the responsibility to care for the planet. Our new role is help bring in the Ecocene as opposed to the Anthropocene, where humans in the last four hundred years have devastated the planet causing pollution of air, water and earth, poverty and injustice.