These are recommendations of books and articles that I have read recently. The links to further information often provide sources where they may be purchased. For the record, I have no connection with any of the suppliers and do not benefit from book purchases.

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Comprehensive information about the challengers Canadians face with a strategy for action. All Canadians need to read this book.

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Spiritual Ecology, The Cry of the Earth

This is fine collection of essays, largely from a non-Christian perspective that is both educational and inspiring.



Richard Powers’ recent novel reveals the passion for trees and the forest in the lives of a number of lives over time. Two major newspapers listed it among the best books of 2018

Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Plane in Peril

Life Abundant: Rethinking Theology and Economy for a Plane in Peril

This book made a friend comment, “Now that’s REAL theology”. The author examines her personal faith in the light of new understandings.

published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.

published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.

A new framework for ethical deliberations in Christianity, science and liberation. Particularly valuable is are the chapters on Ruether, Boff, O’Murchu and Berry and their contributions.



Mary Evelyn Tucker and Brian Swimme have written a remarkable story that fills the reader with awe as it answers the eternal questions.


Highly readable, this book proposes ways in which ordinary citizens can take back the political agenda in effective ways.

This article by Mike Bell presents a thorough description and call to action for the Anthropocene.

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In reflecting upon the faith and fate of the Earth, Stephen Scharper reminds us that humans are part of the environment and encourages us to change our relationship to the planet.

By engaging our minds, bodies and hearts, we can explore our faith from the point of view of the oppressed, alienating and suffering of our world in a self-critical way that is open to other ways of knowing the world.


Living Cosmology

This response to the book and film, Living Cosmology provides responses from a Christian perspective on earth/human relationships - a demanding and thought provoking read.


Papal encyclicals are generally directed to clergy but this one is intended for all readers. It can be read online, downloaded or purchased as a paperback.

By Joanne Robertson

By Joanne Robertson

This charming and moving book tells the true story of Grandmother Josephine, an Ojibwe grandmother who walked around all the Great Lakes and beyond to teach the importance of water.