The adage that a picture is worth a thousand words hit home when I picked up my copy of the publication at the door yesterday.  The artist has made a statement of his own with an exceptionally simple graphic that was probably produced in no time at all.  Meanwhile the press and media parse the story endlessly in ways that shows their bias in endless discussions of the merits of using words like holes or houses.

It's no question that there is a hole in this picture. The other thing that I like about the image is that it asks a question?  Is the person pictured in the sink hole permanently?  Is his job there?  Is he a stand-in for all of us? 

My immediate reaction was to laugh out loud and say - nailed it again.  But on further reflection I don't laugh.  A good image deals with perspective - real or metaphorical.  Everyone is trying to find an answer. What this points to is "What's the question?"