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Nature Drawing & Journaling

MOCA Toronto's next exhibition, The Life of a Dead Treewhereby artist Mark Dion brings a massive, fully grown, deceased tree, along with its inhabitants, into the museum, opens May 24. We invite you to participate in a series of drawing workshops, talks, nature walks.
 There will be two drawing workshops will give the opportunity for the viewers to engage with the tree on display closely as these workshops will be held right beside this massive tree.

 By attending these two workshops, you will have several opportunities:

Nature Drawing and Journaling | May 30, June 6, June 15

- Draw directly from the tree on display,

- Learn about different journaling styles and will be guided on how to render natural objects and begin their own nature drawing and journaling practices.

 Drawing Insects | June 16, June 23, July 7, July 14

- Draw insect specimens that have been cultivated from the tree on display,

- Learn the purposes of drawing and documenting biological entities,

- Learn the techniques for rendering the unique contours and vibrant colours of a variety of insect species.

 If you are interested in joining any of the programs, and learn more about art, science and nature, you can get 50% off with the code "laboratory".

 You are also welcome to join us in other programs and events, we will have experts talks on different topics including forest health, urban ecosystem and more. We will also have a series of guided walks led by biologists, field naturalists, and arborists will investigate the multifarious lifeforms that are supported by dead trees and their importance to Toronto’s ecosystems.


See all Dead Tree public programs and events here

·        Mark Dion in conversation with Marc Mayer | May 24

·        Melanie Sifton | May 31

·        Dr. Sandy Smith | June 7

·        Dead Tree Walks



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