What if . . . ?


What if we just stopped tweeting - all of us.? What if it became as unfashionable as smoking? What if we found it rather pathetic and childlike and turned the other way when someone does it in the early morning, as we do when a child has a tantrum in the supermarket and we smile sympathetically at the mother, knowing we were once in the same position with our own kid?

We cringe at the image of a president demeaning other people. But aren’t we totally complicit in the game and actually reinforcing it when we strike back? Why do the newspapers and the media present the information more than once - telling us what someone said - then quoting it verbatim and then complaining about it? We are amplifying every word several times over. We are retweeting, sharing and adding our own fuel to the fire. In a “Lord of the Flies” mode we are falling into the very trap that we deplore.

What if we just went silent - and reflected a bit rather than reacting? It might not help - but it might hurt less.